Professor Yu Zhen-hua, a political analyst from National Chengchi University, talked to ICRT about his take on the November elections in Taipei and New Taipei.

Yu attributed the recent low public poll ratings for Sean Lien, the KMT nominee for the Taipei Mayoral office, to the overall slump in the general public’s support for the party. But he said it could be just a temporary phenomenon.

He also believed that Shen Fu-hsiung joining the race would have a greater impact on Lien instead of on Lien’s rival Ko Wen-je, the opposition camp’s candidate, as Shen, over the years has projected a neutral image that those from the “blue camp” may find easier to accept.

And who would be the KMT’s most viable choice for the 2016 presidential candidate now that Eric Chu is seeking a second term as New Taipei Mayor and has vowed to fulfill the four-year term? Yu mentioned three men: Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-pin, Vice President Wu Den-yih, and Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng.