A few years ago I stumbled upon a charming student film from three National Taiwan University of Arts graduates. And while this isn’t really new news, I still wanted to share with you how amazing this student short is.

The animated short is about a sight impaired girl named Chico and her dog Gogo. Chico’s bag is stolen and Gogo chases after the thief, which leads to the start of her adventure. Chico tries to find her beloved dog, and through her search we’re brought into her imaginary world triggered by sounds and smells. It’s playful and cute, and it reminds me a lot of Studio Ghibli’s work.

The film was the senior project of three women, Yu Ya-ting, Yeh Ya-hsuan and Chung Ling. They used traditional hand drawn animation along with Photoshop, Flash, MonkeyJam, and ACDSee for pencil and animation tests, coloring and background management. Being a former animation graduate as well, I know how time consuming traditional animation can be, and using modern tools and software can help make things a little easier. The girls pulled it off rather well, and I’m quite excited to see where they go in the future.

I managed to hunt down a few of the girls’ portfolio sites or at least sites that showcase some of their work. Sadly I couldn’t find anything for Chung Ling.

Yu Ya-ting’s Deviant Art
Yeh Ya-hsuan’s Google+

Source Taiwan Today