The parents of the student – Cheng Jie – appeared in public for the first time yesterday to apologize for their son’s killing of four people on the Taipei MRT last week.

The move comes amid calls for them to take some responsibility for the incident.

Escorted by police, the 21-year old student’s parents wept and knelt in front of reporters at the Jiangzicui metro station in New Taipei’s Banqiao District — where their son was arrested.

Cheng’s father, who has not been identified by name, said he hoped his son will receive a speedy trial and “be a good person in his next life” — suggesting he expects his son to be sentenced to death and executed.

Cheng’s parents issued an apology two days after the attack, through a New Taipei councilor, but there have been steady calls —  including some from the victims’ families — for the parents to come forward in-person.


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