International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) has ranked second in the category of “high-quality radio” by students majoring in communications from six local universities.

In a survey on first-year college students’ media consumption habits conducted by Fo Guang University‘s Lan-Yang newspaper, ICRT received 17 percent of the votes for providing “high-quality radio”, second to Hit FM‘s 20.5 percent. In third place was Radio Taiwan International (RTI) at 11 percent.

Survey results show that the internet is the most popular form of mass media, with 70 percent of all participants indicating they used the web for accessing news and information.

This was followed by television at 28 percent, with students ranking the Public Television Service as first in “high-quality TV”,  followed by TVBS and NextTV.

Only 2.6 percent of participants indicated they regularly read newspapers, for which the participants’ preferred modes of access were mobile apps, links on social networks and the newspaper’s website respectively. United Daily News topped the newspaper section as the “best” newspaper on the island, followed by Apple Daily and the Liberty Times.

1.6 percent indicated they regularly listen to the radio.

Students also indicated their preferred pieces fell under the three categories of entertainment, international news and societal news.

224 first-year students from Hsuan Chuang University, Tamkang University, Ming Chuan University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Fo Guang University and National Taiwan University of the Arts participated in the survey.