More than 1,000 cyclists showed up on Saturday at Taipei’s Dadaocheng Wharf despite the threat of rain to attend ICRT’s first Bike Day of the year.

Enrollment for one of the station’s most popular activities was filled in just a little over a week.

ICRT’s General Manager Tim Berge kicked off the 16-kilometer bike ride at 8 a.m., leading participants along the beautiful Danshui River, where cyclists took advantage of the clear skies and took in the sights before turning back at the junction of the Danshui and Keelung rivers.

Since its establishment six years ago in 2009, ICRT’s annual Bike Days across the island aim to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction.

I tagged along to do some live reporting, and compiled below is a recap of the fine morning. If you have any photos, videos or social media content from Bike Day, we’d love to include it below. You can email it to me at, tweet me @kassyapple or @ICRT100 or hashtag it with #ICRT and we’ll find it!

6 a.m. and Taipei is peaceful.

ICRT staff finish set up and bai bai for a smooth event.

DJ Joseph Lin welcomes cyclists to the event.

And we’re off!