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Rain in Taiwan for Reality TV Show

Rain in Taiwan for Reality TV Show

Korean singer actor Rain arrived in Taiwan earlier today in his first public appearance since becoming a father last month. The multi-talented star arrived at Taoyuan International Airport early this morning to a crowd of screaming fans, and boarded a bus with his co-stars to head to Yehliu in Northern Taiwan. The group is expected...Continue reading
Moves to Save "Queen's Head" to Begin Today in Yehliu Geopark

Moves to Save “Queen’s Head” to Begin Today in Yehliu Geopark

A plan to repair the iconic Queen’s Head rock formation at New Taipei’s Yehliu Geopark will begin today, in a bid to protect the popular tourist attraction from erosion that threatens to snap its narrow neck. Tourism officials say different erosion-combating techniques will be tested on four smaller rocks near the Queen’s Head, which is...Continue reading