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Greenpeace Takes on Taiwan's Biggest Environmental Problems

Greenpeace Takes on Taiwan’s Biggest Environmental Problems

The international non-profit advocacy group Greenpeace (綠色和平) is spearheading several major environmental campaigns across Taiwan, working to issue in major systematic shifts that will reduce Taiwan’s carbon emissions and ecological pollution. Chih-An Lee, the project manager of Greenpeace’s energy team, says that human activity has already devastated Taiwan’s ecosystems. “We’ve see many ecological system collapse...Continue reading
Taipei's Xingtian Temple Goes Green, Bans Incense Burning

Taipei’s Xingtian Temple Goes Green, Bans Incense Burning

In an effort to save resource and help protect the environment, Taipei’s Xingtian Temple has announced that it will remove its large incense burner and stop offering tables starting tomorrow. The decision was made in line with rapid changes in the environment and the increasingly serious global warming – trends that temple managers said remind...Continue reading