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Dawn of Soul from France: Ben L'oncle Soul

Dawn of Soul from France: Ben L’oncle Soul

Many consider soul music to be a product of the most glorious chapter in American music history, the 60’s. It birthed from the vigorous brass sections of jazz, matured with the smooth harmonies of gospel and transcended with the rhythmic groove of blues. Soon after iconic legends like Al Green, Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin...Continue reading
Michael Jackson's "Xscape"

Michael Jackson’s “Xscape”

A few months ago, when the world first caught wind of a new Michael Jackson album making it’s way back from the graves, it wasn’t hard to imagine that mixed feelings were involved, especially after a common discontent with the 2010 release of “Michael”, which still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of his...Continue reading
A Transcendence from Pop-culture

A Transcendence from Pop-culture

Hello our beloved blog-followers (or, I believe at this point, just our beloved co-workers)! I’m thoroughly excited to embark on my virgin blog-voyage with a Joey’s review on one recently released sci-fi thriller that has received my personal grade-A stamp, a movie called Transcendence. I hope you will enjoy the next few minutes and, despite its...Continue reading