British singer Ed Sheeran has postponed his Taipei concert, after a “bicycle accident” left him unable to play.

The “Shape of You” crooner was set to perform this Sunday at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, but yesterday posted a photo of his right arm in a soft cast and his left arm in a sling.

He says doctors have confirmed fractures in his right wrist and left elbow.

Some media reports suggest that Sheeran was struck by a car while riding a bike in London.

Concert organizer AEG Presents Asia confirms that dates for the star’s “Divided” tour in Asia are postponed from Taipei through to Hong Kong on November 5th.

No word yet on the second half of his Asia circuit, which includes stops in Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

The injury is just the latest in a long list of mishaps for the “Shape of You” crooner. Here’s a brief history of his many misadventures.

Burst his Eardrum (twice)

Sheeran tells the BBC that injury happened for the second time as he dived off a yacht when he was 24. The first time it happened was when he was 18.

He says “I only have about 25% hearing in that ear anyway”.

Sliced by a Beer Bottle (possibly twice)

This story comes up twice in interviews and its unclear if Sheeran was referring to the same incident.

The telling generally goes that he smashed his hand on a bottle of beer and the resulting gash required stitches.

Look away if you’re squeamish.


Ed Sheeran(@teddysphotos)分享的貼文 於 張貼

Melted by a Hotspring

The singer visited Iceland for his 25th birthday and stepped on a geyser, resulting in severe burns which required a skin graft.

Sheeran says he felt “melting” in his foot, and thought he was going to die, saying to himself “Ah…right…that’s it then” (from 5:45).

Slashed by a Sword

This time around, Sheeran was at a party with fellow musician James Blunt, and allegedly Princess Beatrice, when they decided to perform a fake knighting with a real ceremonial sword.

The princess, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York, reportedly grazed Sheeran’s face with the sword while “knighting” Blunt.

Does it get any more British?