The couple who gained international fame for their “Follow Me To” Instagram series has made their way to Taiwan.

Russian photographer Murad Osmann and his wife Nataly Zakharova have brought their vivid and near surreal perspective to capture the gorgeous scenery on the island.

The couple arrived in Taiwan on April 14th, for the opening of their photo exhibition “A Journey of Love”, which runs until April 29th.

It features Osmann and Zakharova in their signature hand-in-hand pose in locations around Taiwan, including Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, and Taroko National Gorge.


The Taiwan photos that Osmann has posted on his Instagram account has collected over 700,000 likes so far.

Osmann says the photos showing Taiwan’s unique beauty convinced him the island would be the perfect place for a second honeymoon in Asia.



photo source: @muradosmann Instagram