Zhang Ziyi Bo Xilai tabloid Next Media lawsuit

Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi’s appeal of her aggravated defamation case against a tabloid has been rejected by the Taiwan High Court.

The High Court upheld a lower court’s acquittal of the three defendants, two of whom were reporters for the Next Magazine, and another, the editor of the magazine.

The tabloid published a report in May, 2012, saying that Zhang got paid a total of 3.2 billion NT to have a sexual relationship with then high-ranking official Bo Xilai and others for 10 years.

She filed an aggravated defamation lawsuit against the magazine.

The Shilin District Court ruled in April this year that the report was almost a reprint of the original article on Boxun News instead of a fabrication and that the magazine has apologized to Zhang.

The verdict also said that the two reporters did try to get Zhang’s comments before the article was finished but she did not respond.


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