ACORN Studio Luna

Look up in the night sky and you’ll see a familiar face–the moon. With Luna, you can now bring the moon into your living room, bedroom or any place you wish!

Taiwanese-based design firm ACORN Studio specializes in unique home decor. Their recent project, Luna, has been one of the biggest buzzes of the week thanks to their Indiegogo campaign.

The spherical lamp is made from glass fiber and non-toxic latex, which means it’s pretty durable. It also comes with a dimmer switch so you can light up your little nook to fit your mood. Plus, it comes in seven different sizes ranging from 3.2 inches to 23.6 inches wide.

Luna near staircase

I’ve long had a fascination with the moon and space travel, and Luna has captured my heart. I’m sure it will capture yours as well. For details or to support ACORN Studio’s project, visit their Indiegogo page or check out ACORN Studio’s Facebook

Images via ACORN Studio