The Quantum VJ

We all love music, right? And I’m sure some of you like unique jewelry and wearable tech. Well, get a load of the Quantum VJ! It’s an 8-bit audio-visualizer that hangs from your neck.

According to Alexander Zolotov, the Quantum VJ’s creator, the 128×64 pixel OLED screen works by taking any audio source and outputting a glitchy image. The Quantum VJ can also visualize electromagnetic interferences when not plugged in to an audio source, and features six display modes.

This fancy, glitchy jewelry runs on a coin battery and can last about 20 hours, enough to have it on all day long. I, for one, think it’s a quirky wearable that’s a must-have for anyone who loves glitch art, music or both!

Check out this video of the Quantum VJ at work.