The opening date for the rapid transit line between Taipei city and Taiwan’s main airport is expected to be delayed again till February 2016.

Originally due to start operations by the end of the year, the network is now going through various tests of its mechanical and electrical systems.

The Bureau of High Speed Rail (BHSR) says those tests are over three months behind schedules, and the systems are still not stable.

BHSR director Hu Xiang-lin says the next stage would be nine months of operational tests, simulation runs and inspections that Taoyuan Metro company needs to conduct.

Hu says in order to meet the schedules, they will try to shorten the period of time to five months, but there are many problems to overcome.

Hu says the BHSR has started fining Tokyo-based Maru-beni, the company responsible for the Airport MRT’s mechanical and electrical systems, 12.8 million NT for every day of delay and will bring compensation lawsuit against it after the line becomes operational.

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