“Man Han Feast”, a Sichuan chili  flavored instant noodle product of Taiwan-based food conglomerate  Uni-President Enterprises Corp., was ranked by instant noodle review blogger Hans Lienesch one of the top 10 instant noodle bowls of  all time.

In “The Ramen Rater”, a U.S. ramen review website, blogger Lienesch placed  Man Han Feast in fifth place in the rankings, saying the product’s noodles have “a nice quality to them; not too chewy but very good for a bowl noodle.”

While many Taiwanese have praised the virtue of Man Han Feast’s  varieties, in particular the beef version, Lienesch said that the only other one he had been able to try was the spring onion eel flavor, as no other flavors are currently available in North America.


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