Taiwan This Week is ICRT’s weekly roundup of the top news stories from around the island.

Tune in every Friday at 8:30pm as ICRT news is joined by expert commentators to break down the week’s biggest stories in Taiwan. This week host Keith Menconi sits down with ICRT’s Gavin Phipps, Nathan Batto of the Institute of Political Science at Academia Sinica and Ross Feingold of DC International Advisory.

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Also, for any of you political junkies out there, you should know our guest this week runs an excellent site that breaks down Taiwan’s elections in English. The site is called FrozenGarlic – hard to find this level of political analysis about Taiwan anywhere else in English, so make sure to check it out!

May Week 3 Topics:

This week, our news team discusses….

President Ma marks his 7th year in office with a series of speeches and press events.

The KMT presidential primary continues without any party heavyweight entering the race.

US House of Representatives makes moves toward inviting Taiwan to participate in RIMPAC .




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