A landmark bischofia javanica tree in the  southeastern county of Taitung, which was uprooted by Typhoon Matmo  last July, is recovering well, drawing large numbers of tourists in  the canola flower season.

The tree, which stands in a picturesque rice field, in which farmers are now  growing canola as fertilizer before the start of the rice planting  season, is beginning to put out leaves.

In 2013, the 7-meter-tall tree was central to an EVA Airways TV  commercial in which Japanese-Taiwanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro sipped tea in the shade of the tree.

Since the storm last year, the tree has been tended by  professional arborists.

There is now a sign under it that reads “I am hurt — please don’t  shake me or step on surrounding soil.”

A stone sculpture in the shape of a teapot now sits under the  tree, which is carefully wrapped and supported.

Despite its damaged state, the tree continues to attract hundreds  of tourists who cycle on paths through the canola fields.


image via 陶澤中