The ruling KMT has suffered a major defeat in the nine-in-one local elections today, losing all but one of the country’s special municipalities to opposition or independent candidates.

The DPP has claimed 13 of the mayor and magistrate races that were up for grabs today, with the KMT winning 6 seats, and independents and smaller parties taking 3.

The KMT lost control of the capital, with independent but pan-green backed Ko Wen-je defeating Sean Lien with 58 percent of the vote, while Lien claimed 41 percent.

The KMT managed to hold on to New Taipei City – the largest of all electoral districts by population – with incumbent Eric Chu narrowly edging out former DPP party chairman Yu Shyi-kun by some 20,000 votes, making it the only special municipality still under KMT control.

In Taichung, incumbent city mayor Jason Hu conceded defeat to DPP challenger Lin Chia-lung, who had a similar proportion in the polls as Ko.

DPP Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chu held on to her post, claiming 68 percent of the votes, with her main opponent Yang Chiu-hsing, taking about 31 percent.

In Tainan, incumbent Mayor William Lai extended his tenure after winning 72 percent of the vote, crushing his KMT challenger, Karen Huang, who only garnered 27 percent support.

The DPP also claimed victory in Yilan, Chiayi, Taoyuan, Changhua County, Yunlin, Pingtung, Keelung, Matsu, Penghu, and Hsinchu City.

The KMT won Nantou, Taitung, Miaoli County, and Hsinchu County.

Independent Hualien County Magistrate Fu Kun-chi won a second term, while an independent won Kinmen too.

With the KMT’s loss at the polls, Premier Jiang Yi-huah has tendered his resignation, as has KMT Secretary General Tseng Yung-chuan.

President Ma Ying-jeou, who doubles as KMT party chairman, held a press conference in which he apologized to KMT supporters.

Ma also vowed to continue his party’s reforms and liberalization policy, telling KMT supporters “the KMT will not be struck down.”