Tonight’s episode will features four stories told at Taipei Story Slam events throughout the year, all on the theme “Friend or Foe.” It was broadcast Thursday November 27th at 9pm, but you can still catch it online: There’s the embed on this page right up top. You can also stream the show through the Taiwan Talk podcast stream: you can find that on iTunes and the ICRT website.

More episodes

This is our final episode of a four part run we’ve been broadcasting throughout November. Check out the links below to hear the past episodes.


Episode 1: On Thin Ice.” Episode 2: “Coming Home.” Episode 3: “Lost and Found.”


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Check out Taipei Story Slam

We can’t thank the organizers of Taipei Story Slam enough for letting us shove mics all up in their business! They put on a great show, which YOU can catch the last Thursday of every month. They’ve got a special championship storytelling event coming up November 27th. Learn more here.

About the show

Get to know Taiwan’s vibrant international community with ICRT’s new story telling segment, HereSay, with host Keith Menconi, every Thursday night at 9pm this November. The show will feature live story telling from Taipei Story Slam events from both expat and local residents of Taiwan.

Through live storytelling and interviews with Taiwan residents, HereSay explores the Taiwan experience and brings the voice of Taiwan’s international community right to your radio. Catch the broadcast or the podcast for some laughs, some nail-biting drama, and some heartbreak all from the real life experiences of your friends and neighbors in Taiwan.

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Photo credit: Surian Soosay