Make sure to turn your eyes to the sky on Oct. 8th, to see a total lunar eclipse and a series of other rare astronomical events.

The Taipei Astronomical Museum says it will be the first time since 20-11 that a total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout Taiwan.

Meanwhile, on that same day, the planet Uranus will be shining at its brightest and a Draconid meteor shower will also occur.

In the eclipse, the Earth is positioned between the sun and the moon, and stargazers will see a bright full moon turn a reddish hue.

Also, the planet Uranus will be at its brightest for the year because it will be at its closest to the Earth.

And the Draconid meteor shower is created each year when the Earth passes through a trail of dust left over by the comet 21P, which orbits the sun once every 6.6 years.


image via Alexander Boden