If you’re planning a trip to a national park sometime soon, you should be aware that picking, breaking, or damaging plants in National Parks could result in stiff fines.

Taroko National Park has issued a warning against picking the Lycoris aurea, a flowering species native to Taiwan, after reports that a tourist was seen doing just that on Tuesday.

The park has been trying to revive the plant, also known as yellow spider lilies, along the park’s Buluowan Plateau for the past 12 years.

The golden blooms look like fireworks, and happen to bloom around October, earning them the nickname “National Day” flowers, in reference to Double Ten National Day on Oct. 10th.

They can grow 30cm to 60cm tall, and have the unique characteristic of not having any leaves when the flower blooms.

Park officials say those damaging plants in national parks may be fined $3 thousand NT, based on the National Park Act, and they urge park visitors to cherish the plants and not break the law.


image via J.M. van Berkel