Zhong Chenhu, finals judge for ICRT’s Battle of the Bands, knows a thing or two about success in the music biz.

Chenhu, or Tiger, graduated from Tamkang University’s Department of Banking and Finance.

He founded Team Ear Music studio in 2005, and is currently its general manager. The studio’s core value, is to “give dreams wings”, and aims to encourage young people to exercise their creativity and passion.

Team Ear Music is an all-rounder of a studio, producing albums, working in composition and lyrics, organizing concerts and music events, and managing artists.

Some of the major performers that Team Ear Music works with include Cheer Chen, Crowd Lu, and Waa Wei.

Team Ear Music has organized over 45 major concert events in Asia over the past few years, including in Singapore, Shanghai, and even in Australia.

Tiger is a guitarist himself, and played in a band for six years.

He has won the Golden Melody Awards’ best songwriter and best producer, working with and writing songs for artists such as Stefanie Sun, May Day, and Harlem Yu.