Here at ICRT we make a lot of our own content. The production team is made up of four awesome people. Well, maybe I’m not that awesome, but the rest are! As some of you know, I’m the English copywriter and that means I write a lot of the English commercials and special programs. As a whole, sometimes we do a lot of work for things that never see the light of day. That’s just how it works sometimes. So I’d actually like to take the time to show you the process and what exactly goes into making something here at ICRT.

I’m sure some of you have heard the new Wow! Taiwan program that started a couple of months ago. Our biggest challenge was coming up with an intro for this program because we wanted it to be fun, adventurous and yet give you a sense of what the program was about. Initially we came up with a few drafts–pirates, poetic rhyming, etc.–but maybe it didn’t get the feeling across.

One of the first drafts for the “Wow! Taiwan” intro

Initially we wanted to write a song. I came up with some lyrics and tried to match it with a song, but then later passed on the duties to Keith.

Second draft for our song

From there he was able to come up with a rough demo. After that we went to the studio for recording. However, this was not the final version. The lyrics once again had to be reworked slightly and everything re-recorded.

More rewrites for the lyrics

What you see and hear is our finished product which was submitted to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.  Unfortunately this song didn’t make the cut.  Many people worked hard on this rough gem and put in a lot of hours, so I and many others feel it’s only right that it be shared. Here is the intro song that could’ve been for Wow! Taiwan. What do you guys think?