The Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station says its researchers have developed a new kind of tofu made from green soybeans, which could boost green soybean exports.

According to the center, the new tofu has a slight green hue, but maintains the unique flavor of green soybeans not found in traditional tofu, which is made from mature soybeans.

It is hoped the new green tofu could boost the island’s 2 billion NT annual green soybean exports, as it adds value to the crop and offers new options for consumers.

Green soybeans are a major agricultural export for Taiwan.

Local farmers harvest some 42,000 metric tons of saleable green soybean products each year, the majority of which is exported to Japan.

This is not the first time the Kaohsiung research station has experimented with green soybeans. Previous creations include taro-flavored soybeans and soymilk made from immature beans.


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