A survey released Monday says fewer Taiwan companies are planning to give their employees a raise this year than a year ago despite the improving economy.

The survey from Taipei-based 1111 Job Bank found that 55 percent of polled companies plan to give employees raises in 2014.

This is 9 percentage points lower than numbers from a year ago.

The survey also finds that those companies planning raises expect to increase the pay of 39 percent of their employees on average, also lower than 46 percent a year earlier.

The only upside in the survey results is that employers are planning raises averaging 4.51 percent in 2014, up 0.04 percentage points from averages in 2013.

Whether those raises materialize remains to be seen.

Nearly 40 percent of the corporate respondents said they had better results year-on-year during the first half of the year, and about half said they planned to expand their operations.

The survey, which was conducted from June 16th to 30th, collected almost 600 valid samples nationwide, and no margin of error was given for the  poll’s results.


image via victoriapeckham