New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu yesterday announced he will seek a second term in the November 29th local elections.

Speaking to reporters, Chu vowed to finish his second four-year term if re-elected.

Widely seen as a KMT presidential hopeful, Chu told reporters he remains committed to doing his job as mayor.

The statement ends speculation he could run for president in 2016.

The former vice premier and two-term magistrate of Taoyuan County, is expected to win the KMT’s nomination in New Taipei.

The KMT has completed its nomination for the other five municipalities.

The candidates being; Sean Lien in Taipei, incumbent chief Wu Zhiyang for Taoyuan, incumbent Mayor Jason Hu in Taichong, Yang QiuXing for Gaoxiong and Huang Xiushuang in Tainan.

The KMT still has to nominate its candidates for Penghu, Hualien and Lienjiang.

The DPP will choose it New Taipei election candidate tomorrow.

The DPP and the Taiwan Solidarity Union, are planning to pick a joint pan-green candidate for the New Taipei election – with the primary being between former Premier You Shikun and former lawmaker Lin Zhijia.