An exhibition of artifacts from the National Palace Museum’s collection will open tomorrow in Tokyo as planned, after the Tokyo National Museum met demands to remove or replace all posters and advertising materials not listing the full name of the Taipei institution.

Speaking to reporters earlier this morning before boarding a flight for Japan, National Palace Museum Director Fung Ming-chu said she will now attend the opening reception in Tokyo this afternoon.

However, First Lady Christine Chow Ma will not be attending this afternoon’s opening ceremony.

Several other members of the delegation originally slated to attend today’s opening ceremony also cancelled their plans to travel to Japan.

These include the President of the Association of East Asian Relations and the Vice chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission.

The National Palace Museum had threatened to cancel the exhibition after some posters advertising the exhibition were found to refer to the museum as simply “Palace Museum, Taipei” – an apparent violation of an agreement that the museum’s full name be used.

Cultural Minister Lung Ying-tai says Taiwan needs to present a unified front when it is dealing with international affairs.

Speaking to reporters when quizzed about the spat over the Tokyo exhibition, Lung said she believes ensuring the exhibition’s success is the most important thing right now, and that all other factors can be examined after the exhibition finishes.

Selected items from the National Palace Museum are set to be put on display at the Tokyo National Museum from tomorrow through September 15th and at the Kyushu National Museum from October 7th through November 30th.


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Photo via Sword Dragon