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For many in Taiwan the prospect of increased immigration raises concerns of job loss for local workers.

But there’s a flip side to that story as well and on this episode of Taiwan Talk we’ll be speaking to Forward Taiwan, an advocacy group that points out that foreign professionals also offer a wealth of experience and skills to their adopted home enriching commerce and also culture.

The group is calling on the government to lower some of the legal barriers that they say make it difficult for many foreign white-collar professionals to live and work in Taiwan.

Guest: Forward Taiwan Cofounder,  Ping Chu. He’s also the Founder of Canmeng AVEDA, and a Co-Founder of the Ripplemaker Foundation and of Red Room. You can learn more about the group at their website and at their Facebook page.

I’m a small business owner. I would love to have some international people work in my company, but based on these very strict work permit regulations it’s very difficult for a small company to higher some talented young people. They want to learn, they want to mingle, they want to contribute to Taiwanese society, but they can’t, based on these laws.

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By the year of 2060 our population will reduce to eighteen million, and among those 18 million people 39 percent will be aged over sixty-five. So we have a population crisis on our hands and nobody is paying attention to it…. and immigration reform is the easiest thing we can do about it.

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