Whovians rejoice! The BBC – being the notoriously sassy tease that it is – has treated (if you can call it that) us with a short Doctor Who teaser trailer titled “The New Doctor Lands” and an equally vague series return date (late August). Regrettably, the 15 second teaser adds little to what footage we have of our newest Doctor – the “100 per cent Rebel Time Lord,” as Peter Capaldi himself put it.

I’m guessing this is footage that directly follows the last moments of “The Time of the Doctor.” While this may be the most plausible explanation, Whovians and Sherlockians know how much of a self-proclaimed liar Steven Moffat is, so there’s really nothing much more we can speculate or say besides the fact that late August is still three months away. How will we survive until then?

Feature image via Anglophenia