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Ron Stuart
  • * My given name is Ron Stuart (really!).
  • * My Chinese name is 史都華.
  • * When I'm on the air, they call me many things – but mostly, STRANGE!
  • * I was born on July 1st, 19….. (yuk, yuk, yuk)
  • * I grew up in a place called Salinas, California.
  • * I studied at the Columbia School of Broadcast in San Francisco.
  • * My job at ICRT is end the day for our listeners with an outrageous bang! In fact upon establishing my self at ICRT several members of our company were quoted saying that “I went to extreme!”HHHhaaaa! “Extreme radio was born! Weeknights from 8-11 I seek to go to new borders of madness, and of course it’s all wrapped in a great music package. I love the Taiwan audience!
  • * When I'm not working, I'm working out! You can’t imagine how much work is involved in maintaining the body necessary to be classified a super hero! Whoa! Any time left over is spent with my adorable wife Jessica and our for cats, Ja-Wei, Nini, Winston, and our newest little “Rag Doll” edition Andrea.
  • * I love to eat Chinese food, and Peking Duck makes me scream! I also love Italian food, Mexican food, Thai food, Filipino food, burgers…I gotta tell you, if it's edible I probably like it!
  • * To burn it all off, I make sure to eat at high speed so as to burn those calories as they come in! * You would never see me wearing plaids and stripes at the same time, a I mean even pajamas.
  • * If I could, I'd wear a tuxedo everyday, like James Bond. I truly believe it would change my life.
  • * I'm a night owl, and my favorite colors are bright, flaming red, and white.
  • * When I have time for TV, I like to watch the NBA and Taiwan news – there's nothing more exciting and fun than Taiwan news!
  • * I love listening to Eminem, White Stripes, Linkin Park, Nickelback,Souljaboy TEllem as long as he is with Savage , Lily Allen, Jang Hwei Mei, Harlem Yu, Sandy Lam, Tao Jer, and Jang Hsui Yo. I also love songs by Joe.
  • * When I have free time, I like to sleep (zzzz….). Seriously do any of us get enough rest. Taiwan is just to much fun!
  • * My ultimate guilty pleasure is CCHHHHEEEEEEEESE CCCCAKKKKE!
  • * If I could, I'd spend the most of my time hanging out at Taiwan Hot Springs. Man, that is so warm and wonderful!
  • * I spend the most money on food, travel, and my wife. I just love seeing her smile...
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