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Glory of Taiwan Prime

MIT symbolizes top-notch quality. Now in this era of brand power, more and more MBT( Made by Taiwan) products are shining on the world stage.

These remarkable achievements extend beyond Taiwan's borders and includes a multitude of overseas Taiwanese companies.

In this program, ICRT will introduce the winners of Taiwan Prime Awards as well as their Gold-award winning products.

Join ICRT anchors – Hope Ngo & Paz Bueno to uncover their tales of innovation, grit and success.


Want to join ICRT news anchors and other staff as they discuss topics in the news — in English?  Then come give ICRT Break Down a listen as they “bread down” the news for you.  Break Down is a fun and relaxing podcast to help you build your English vocabulary, and improve your understanding of common expression in the news.  So, join us with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea.  Just sit back, relax, and listen! 

Taiwan Talk

Taiwan Talk is here to tell the stories of people living in Taiwan, as well as Taiwanese people living abroad.


Each week, an ICRT news anchor chats with a newsmaker about Taiwan's culture, lifestyle, business, and arts. Taiwan Talk airs on ICRT FM100 radio, every Monday during the 8AM and 7PM news hours, but if you miss an episode, all our full-length interviews are uploaded here!


Keeping abreast of Taiwan news has never been easier… nor more informative. Every week, the ICRT news team from around the island takes a look back at the important stories that affected Taiwan…from Taipei… all the way down to Pingdong, and even far beyond. Friday nights at around 8:20… tune into ICRT FM 100 for Taiwan This Week.

EZ News

EZNews is a Presentation of ICRT News Team, and will appear on the ICRT website daily, Monday through Friday(except holidays). This includes both the text and audio, making it easy for you to enjoy anytime.

Taipei Scene

Explore Taipei’s most extraordinary travel experiences with DJ Joseph and Taipei Magazine! Gain insider access to food culture, delicacies and restaurants, and discover the magic of Taipei at its very best.

DJ Joseph 與 TAIPEI雜誌,一起談臺北這座城市每季的大小事,並推薦哪裡有好玩、好逛和有趣的活動可體驗。同時,臺北也匯聚了各式美食,我們談飲食文化,談好吃的料理與餐廳,談生活在臺北的外國人對於城市的觀察。

Leadership Matters

If you have ever wanted to learn from the leading Managers, Entrepreneurs and Newsmakers from Taiwan and around the world? Then tune in to Leadership Matters, our new podcast hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei’s Steven Parker in partnership with ICRT to inspire YOU to unlock your inner talent and change the world!

We Love Hakka

Sponsored by Hakka Affairs Council, ICRT's "We Love Hakka" program is a window into the fascinating language, food, art and culture of the Hakka. Hakka make up more than 10% of Taiwan's population and boast a proud heritage dating back hundreds of years. The Hakka language and culture has significantly influenced Taiwanese society, so tune in ICRT to explore and learn with "We Love Hakka!" Monday through Friday program is aired 5 times a day during the 7AM, 12PM, 3PM, 5PM and 10PM hours.

ICRTs Traffic Trainer

In cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, stay up-to-date with the latest on-road safety and regulations with ICRTs Traffic Trainer.


New Life for New Immigrants

New in Taiwan? Need help telling your Gua Bao from your Dan Bing?

Then tune in to New Life for New Immigrants!

We’ll dish out tips to get you settled in no time! With advice on education, healthcare and much more.

New Life for New Immigrants. Every weekday morning during the 9 o’clock hour, only on ICRT.

New Taipei Getaway

New Taipei City is brimming with history, culture, and activity! From Cultural Shorelines to Mines and Memories...

Join ICRT’s「New Taipei Getaway」with DJ Joseph and co-host Dr. Estella Chen as they explore some of the city’s best and brightest hotspots!

ICRT Top 10

ICRT 為您獻上每周台灣十大熱播歌曲!

A weekly look at the hottest music hits that dominated Taiwan!

News for Kids

News For Kids brings elementary school students fun and interesting news stories. It is a great program for young listeners and is brought to you by ICRT and the K-12 Education Administration of the Ministry of Education. News for Kids is uploaded on weekdays during Taiwan’s school semesters.

News Bites

ICRT News Bites gives junior high school students a tasty serving of English with local and international news from around the world! Brought to you by ICRT and the K-12 Education Administration of the Ministry of Education, News Bites stories are written and recorded by the ICRT News Team, and uploaded on weekdays during Taiwan’s school semesters.

New Taipei City Environmental Protection Department

ICRT and the New Taipei City Environmental Protection Department are committed to increasing public awareness of environmental protection through practical information.

Greener Days’ dual focus is on environmental English vocabulary and practical hints and tips on greener living!

 Tune in every weekday between 7 and 8pm to hear it on the air, or catch the podcast right here!

Tainan Feature

DJ Joseph talks Tainan with our on-the-spot reporter in this weekly peek into Taiwan’s ‘Phoenix City’!

Find beautiful cultural landmarks and discover the hidden spots where locals get all their favorite food and drink; learn about all the best upcoming events and experiences that really help this remarkable city stand out from the crowd!

For hot tips on all the hot spots in Taiwan’s hottest city, make sure to check out 【Tainan Feature】!

Hakka Voices

"Hakka Voices" on DJ Joseph's hottest show will feature a diverse lineup of Hakka individuals. Tune in for firsthand accounts from Hakka musicians, culinary enthusiasts, literary figures, and artisans sharing insights into their lives and efforts to promote Hakka culture. Esteemed guests from Hakka music, gastronomy, literature, and craftsmanship will join. Special invitations are extended to Hakka musicians for exclusive interviews, aiming to bring Hakka culture's excellence and diversity to listeners and highlight its unique identity!

Hakka Dialogue

客家族群人才輩出,精彩「客事」就在 Hakka Dialogue!節目將邀請在各領域頗富盛名的客家人物進行互動訪談,主題多元又有趣。DJ Caitlin 將與來賓聊聊關於他們的 「客家情」,有客家工藝、音樂、美食、表演藝術和節慶活動等主題。透過 DJ 與來賓一來一往、輕鬆豐富的對談內容,帶你了解更多你不知道的客家文化喔!

Taipei Indigenous Voices

Taipei Indigenous Voicesis brought to you by the Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government. Hear about cultures, learn phrases, and listen to the stories behind the fascinating Indigenous communities of Taiwan.

由臺北市政府原住民族事務委員會贊助製播的【Tengilen Ko Soni】,帶您認識原住民族文化、學習族語,以及專訪在各領域大放異彩的原住民族人。

English in the News

Improve your English with the ICRT News Team! In the English in the News , you'll find useful expressions and vocabulary from the news to help you better understand what's happening around the world, and speak like a pro.

A-Fu Taxi

Want to have fun while learning Chinese?!

Let your favorite English-speaking taxi driver help you navigate the streets of Taiwan. Take a ride with A-Fu and learn ZHONG WEN with ease!

A-fu's Taxi is your number one resource for learning daily Chinese vocabulary and phrases. Updated every month, you'll be a fluent Chinese speaker in no time!

Joey's Real Talk

Every Friday at 3PM Joey and his panel of expat friends tackle some of the most pressing questions about life in Taiwan. What's it like to live in Taiwan from an outside perspective? What do our friends at home think about their lives on the humble island of Formosa? Tune-in, or listen to Joey's Real Talk if you can't listen live right here!

Better Taiwan



How has Covid-19 affected the people of Taiwan? What is Taiwan doing in the face of new challenges?

Better Taiwan gives you what you need to know!