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About ICRT
About ICRT
Posted on 2015-01-07 00:10:00

International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) is Taiwan’s only English language broadcaster, with the mission of bridging cultural gaps and integrating the resources of Taiwan’s local and international communities for the ROC’s continued growth and prosperity.

ICRT FM100 is an essential part of many people’s lives for news and entertainment.  Its wide variety of programs are designed to meet the diverse and ever-growing needs of Taiwan.  It is also a valuable tool for Taiwan residents to better understand English and join the global community.

ICRT was born on April 16th 1979, after the break in diplomatic relations between Taipei and Washington.  From 1957 to 1979, the station’s predecessor, Armed Forces Network in Taiwan, served the needs of the US military then stationed on the island.  AFNT was sold to the Taiwan government for US$1 as the American troops pulled out.  Taipei International Community Cultural Foundation was established as a non-profit foundation to supervise the operations of this new radio station.

We are completely self-supporting, receive no government funding, and are an independent, non-profit organization.

ICRT broadcasts from studios in New Taipei City. There are two broadcast studios, one for FM and one for News. There are also two production studios where nearly all of ICRT's distinctive programming is produced. ICRT's programming focuses on music, news and entertainment. ICRT’s primary mandate is to serve the expatriate community in Taiwan, which constitutes about 5% of our audience, and to act as a cultural bridge to our local listeners, which makes up the other 95%.

We have three primary transmitters, broadcasting at 100.7 megahertz (FM 100.7) in northern and southern Taiwan, 100.1 megahertz (FM 100.1) in central Taiwan,  and two boosters located in  Hsinchu (100.7) and Chiayi (FM 100.8) to enhance our coverage in those two areas.

The TICCF Board of Directors includes seven members, all outstanding members of the Taiwan business community, who volunteer their time and energy to oversee ICRT operations, and offer their expert advice for its sustained development.

Currently, Ambassador John Feng serves as the TICCF Chairman of the Board.  Ambassador Feng is retired from the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  During his time in the diplomatic corps, he served Taiwan in various posts, including Washington DC, Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, and representative to Japan,  He also enjoys rich media experience, having served in the international department of the Broadcast Corporation of China (BCC), and editorial director at the Central News Agency.

Contacts:      Ambassador John Chi-tai Feng, TICCF Chairman

                      Tim Berge, ICRT General Manager

Customer Service Hotline: 02-8522-7177 | Email:
Customer Service Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM
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