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Advertising ICRT
Posted on 2014-12-24 00:00:00


Listening to ICRT = Consumers who are at the top of the buying pyramid


In investigating consumer trends, ICRT's audience are those who demand not only life's necessities but its luxuries too. Products which are expensive and at the cutting edge of fashionable trends (such as PCs, audio equipment and high-tech phones), products which represent personal investment in the future (such as financial services, further education and training, health products etc.) are all those favored by ICRT's audience who have strong consumer power and are at the top of the consumer market.

For recreation and personal services, ICRT's consumers again are at the top of the buying pyramid. They choose fashionable, expensive trends in leisure such as health and fitness. They enjoy health clubs, gyms, spas, ball sports as well as pubs, computer games and internet surfing. All these are representative of ICRT's audience receptivity to new trends, fresh ideas and information. Even in recreation they are high tech consumers and it is this audience characteristic of being willing to try new, high-end experiences, which marks them as a consumer group.

According to AC Nielsen's yearlong research statistics ICRT represents:


  • The leading public image/standard among white-collared elites.
    Of all the radio stations in Taiwan, ICRT is the station that holds an audience made up of highly educated listeners – 80 percent of which have a college degree, at the very least.
  • Young white collar workers favorite listening:
    80% of ICRT's audience are university graduates or above, and it is the island's favorite station for graduates.
  • Consumer audience most influenced by advertising:
    ICRT's audience, by its own admission, responds to advertising. Not only that, but we have found that they are more likely to believe in a certain product and buy it, because it is advertised on ICRT.
  • ICRT as a center of information exchange and creative trends:
    ICRT's audience like to be aware of and keep up with trends, they like to be different from the crowd, and welcome new products, they are trend setting and trend promoting consumers.


Why advertise with ICRT?

ICRT's dual language format allows you access to the top end of the consumer market. We have an audience of consumer trend and lifestyle setters creating endless opportunities for your product.

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