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This is a list of the most frequently asked questions by ICRT listeners. Please search here for the answer to your question before you contact us. If you can`t find the answer here, please feel free to ask.

Q: Does ICRT have an official APP?

Yes, the ICRT App is available for both iOS and Android.  Use it to listen to ICRT’s great programing 24/7, no matter where you happen to be (provided you have internet access).  Listen to our live programing, get info on upcoming events, read our news, check out our great prizes and deals, and also listen to podcasts of some of our great programs and in-studio interviews.  To download the ICRT, check out these links for iOS or Android versions. 


Important: if you’ve updated to iOS 9 and have troubles using our app, try this simple solution.  Delete the ICRT app, and then download again and reinstall.  It should be working properly now.  If now, please feel to contact us at:

ICRT Radio Frequency
Q: Why I am not receiving ICRT very clearly?

We have tripled the power of our transmission signal in Kaohsiung, but we are still receiving interference from illegal pirate radio stations. Please report this interference to the authorities to help shut down these pirate stations (Tel: Taipei 02-23435942; Taichung 04-22595941; Kaohsiung 07-2391151). We appreciate detailed information about interference problems sent to us . Thanks for your patience and hopefully working together we can bring about better radio reception for all Taiwan residents.

About Programming
Q: About DJ call-out audio copies

ICRT is not able to provide listeners with audio copies on any DJ call-outs.   These call outs normally contain background music from copyrighted audio recordings.  Due to copyright and IPR restrictions, we can not reproduce this music.

Q: Why didn't you play my song request?

ICRT DJs receive over 100 song requests daily. While we try our best to accommodate as many of the requests as possible, we can not possibly play all the requests we receive each day. Nevertheless, you can increase your chances of having your request played by filling out our on-line Song Request Form rather than simply sending an email request. We fully encourage our audience to send us requests and if you don't succeed the first time, give it another try and you might have better luck.

Q: Why can't I ever get through on the call-in line to talk to the DJs when they invite calls from the audience?

ICRT's request line is constantly ringing and the DJs don't have time to answer each call and perform their other jobs. We try to take as many calls as possible. You may also email your requests to DJs at Song Request page.

Q: Some time ago I won a prize on one of your call-in games but still haven\'t received it. What can I do to get my prize?

ICRT gives away many prizes every day and usually sponsors deliver commercial prizes. We apologize if your prize has not been delivered. You can contact us with details of your case if you have not received your prize or call 02-8522-7766 if you have not received your prize.

Q: Names of songs? Where can I find the name and artist of music played on ICRT?

Just check out our Music Log on our web site. It lists which songs we play everyday, and at what time. The music log goes back nearly two years. You can find the Music Log under the "Listen Live" menu on our home page.

About News Room
Q: Why do I sometimes see different spellings for the same Chinese words in your Web news stories? Or spellings different from the newspaper?

ICRT uses Pinyin for Romanizing Chinese names and words. Pinyin is a global standard for Romanizing Chinese, and offers consistency and ease-of-use. ICRT is a radio broadcaster, and not primarily a print medium. Therefore, our goal is to produce scripts that our anchors will be able to pronounce easily and correctly on air. However, for certain well know public figures who commonly use an English name, we strive to use their English name whenever possible.

Q: Why don't you update your Taiwan news stories on your web site over the weekend?

ICRT does maintain a news staff on weekends to provide on-air coverage of breaking stories or emergency announcements for the local English language community. However, since there is traditionally less news on weekends, we devote more of our newsgathering resources toward the weekdays.

Q: I would like to subscribe EZ News scripts, but will you charge me for subscribing?

No! The service is for FREE of charge. Note, you need to become an ICRT member to subscribe EZ News scripts.

Q: How to subscribe EZ News scripts?

To subscribe EZ News script, first you need to become a member of ICRT Club. To become one, please go to ICRT Club page and submit the registration form. After submitted, an email containing a user activation key will be sending to the email address you provided. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account. After successfully activating your account, log onto ICRT's website with your login username and password. Then go to EZ News page, i.e. to subscribe.

Q: How are refunds for VIP membership or ICRT Watts handled?

VIP members (paid members). Paid admission application will entitle a Member to VIP member services. The actual services will be governed by the contents of the members-only webpages. NT$500 admission fees: ICRT will provide 500 ICRT Watts and an ICRT membership card - "ICRT e CARD" to VIP members free of charge. The term for the usage of the ICRT Watts is one year. After the ICRT Watts are consumed, values may continued to be added, and the term of each value added is also one year, provided that a 20% handling charge will be deducted if the ICRT Watts purchased on a value-added basis are to be returned within the term. The ICRT Watts are the benefits exclusively for the VIP members, not the consideration of the admission fees.

Q: What should I do after I run out of Watts?

Click here to buy more Watts, available in NT$500 increments.

Q: How can I exchange for the monthly prizes?

Monthly prizes are for VIP members only. There are two prizes each month, to be released every two weeks. VIP members can use their Watts to exchange for these prizes.

Q: What are ICRT Watts?

Watts can be exchanged for great deals and monthly prizes.

Q: How do I apply for an ICRT eCARD?

Visit the ICRT eClub page and apply for your ICRT eCARD. ICRT standard membership only costs NT$100 and your eCARD will be mailed to you. You can also choose to become an ICRT VIP member; not only will you get an ICRT eCARD, but you will also get access great deals and prizes.

Q: What is the ICRT eClub?

This is a brand new service from ICRT! You can choose to become either a standard member or a VIP member. If you have any other questions please call our member service line at (02) 8522-7177 between 10:00-18:00.

About ICRT Website
Q: Do you have Podcast service?

YES, ICRT is leading the way in Taiwan Radio – and now we offer another first – Just Grab Your iPod – or go to iTunes for Taiwan's First Podcasts. Click here to find available podcast feeds.

Q: Why my articles are being removed from ICRT forum?

The ICRT forum is a public place for our Taiwan and global audience to share their opinions, or discuss issues interactively. Its content does not represent ICRT's position, but should represent yours. ICRT's forum monitors are responsible for maintaining the forum's quality, so if any illegal, insulting, or threatening messages are found, ICRT has the right to warn the senders or to remove their articles immediately. If anyone has been warned three times but does not change their behavior, he or she will be prohibited access to the forum permanently.

Q: How to became an ICRT website user?

To become one, please go to the User Registration page and submit the registration form. After submitted, an email containing a user activation key will be sending to the email address you provided. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account. After successfully activating your account, log onto ICRT's website with your login username and password.

About ICRT Daily News App
Q: I have questions about the ICRT Daily News App. How do I contact customer support?

You can contact our news app developer the following ways:

  1.   Customer Service email:

  2.   Customer Service message board:  (Android OS)   (iOS)

  3.   Customer Service phone no.:
    02-77210772 ext. 510 (hours are 9:00-17:30)
Q: Notice on Claiming ICRT Prizes

1. Notifying prize winners
Anyone taking part in an ICRT contest must leave his/her name and contact information. ICRT will contact the winner within 15 days after the competition. ICRT will not continue to contact the winner if a) contact information is incorrect; b) winner fails to contact ICRT after the station has left a message; or c) ICRT has called him/her twice with no reply. If you have not received any notice from ICRT, please call 02-8522-7733 to check for details.

2. Time limits
Anyone who wants to claim their prize should bring any relevant information to the reception desk at ICRT. Prizes with a time limit must be claimed three days before the event, such as film and concert tickets, coupons or other vouchers. Other prizes must be claimed within 30 days of winning, or else the prizes will be treated as unclaimed.

3. Business hours
Prize winners can come in person to ICRT's reception desk from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6pm, excluding public holidays. No prize collection outside of business hours.

4. Claiming your prize

How to collect your prize.  In-person, by an agent, or by post. 

A, In-person*.  Come to our office during business hours, 10am - 5pm,Monday - Friday.  You may be asked to present identification for tax purposes (see below). 

B, Designated Agent*

A designated agent may collect the prize.  A photo copy of the winners ID, ARC or passport may be required for tax purposes (see below). 

C, Post*.  If the winner is unable to pick-up their prize in person, we can arrange delivery via the post office.  You will need to send us a Self-Addressed Envelope.  Depending on the type of prize and its value, you may need to include the required return postage, and pay any required tax in cash in advance.  Please contact us first.


        19-5F, No. 5, Sec.3, New Taipei Blvd., Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, 24250

        Tel:  (02)8522-7733 ext 800



i, Prizes valued at under NT$1000, tax free

ii, Prizes valued between NT$1000 - NT$19,999, no income tax will be withheld, but the prize value must be reported to the national tax office.  Therefore, you will need to present your Taiwan ID, ARC, or passport to verify your identity for tax purposes.

iii, Prizes valued at NT$20,000 and more, you will need to pay income tax.  Payment accepted in cash only.

               Withholding Tax:    For Taiwan nationals and alien residents, 10% tax

                                             For any foreign national who hasnt resided in Taiwan at least 183

                                                days this calendar year, 20% tax   

* If you do not collect your prize in person, any copy of your ID, ARC or passport will be used for tax purposes only, and will be kept on file as long as required by tax authorities.  Thereafter it will be destroyed. 

* Due to tax regulations, prize winners must provide proper ID per above instructions.  Prize winners who fail to follow the appropriate rules will be considered to have forfeited their prize.

5.  Repeat prize winners
Please be informed that ICRT limits each listener to winning only one prize within a 30-day period. If you have already won a prize within the last 30-days, please refrain from entering another contest or giveaway. If you violate this request, ICRT reserves the right to deny your participation in any on-air contests or giveaways.

6. Information on prizes
If you have any further queries on claiming prizes, you can phone ICRT on 02-8522-7733

Thanks you for your attention to these details about prize claims!

Q: 8086 Services

All 8086 services on ICRT have been suspended.  These include WORK, INFO, BIP, HIP, TUNE and NOW.   If you feel your cell phone account has been charged accidentally for any of these services, or if you have any other questions, please contact 8086 Customer Care: 02-8195-8500.