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DJ Cola

Hola amigos I am Jorge Chocano, but people used to call me DJ Cola. I was born on November 17th, in Lima, Peru. I have been in Taiwan for a while working as Salsa and Latin DJ. I organized many parties in different clubs in all around this beutiful island and Asia. Probably if you mention one latin or salsa night in taiwan I m part of that . By organizing these Latin parties, I was hoping to introduce Latin Music to Taiwanese and make them fall in love with Spain and Latin america. Latinos Taiwan is not only the name of my radio show, it’s also a project trying to introduce the Latin Culture to Taiwan. Latinos Taiwan not only organized crazy parties in night clubs but also some cultural events, such as “Latin Month” , “Tromboranga Salsa Concert” …etc. The most recent one is “Carnaval Taipei” in Flora Expo park, this February, with thousands of people participating. In the coming months, hoping we can have more opportunity to organize such kind of event. Contact me , request your favorite tune, and practice spanish with me. if you interesting in spanish music and culture lets do it , make it bigger . DJ COLA ICRT on FB LINE or IG

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