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Joseph Lin

* My given name is: Joseph Shaw Lin.
* The Chinese name I use now is 林啠修, but if I tell you the Chinese name I used up until my 17th birthday, I'd have to kill you!
* When I'm on the air, they call me Jockey Joe or JJ.
* I was born on April 9th, in Detroit
* And I grew up in Columbus, Chicago, Taipei, and Los Angeles.
* I have a degree in Information and Computer Science, plus Electrical Engineering, and also got my MBA at UC Irvine, home of the Anteaters!
* I joined ICRT in March 1997. From the Weekend Getaway to The Ichiban Show followed by Star Lounge and now the JAM!!
* I love Chinese fusion and Japanese cuisine.. but crave for Mexican the most (I'm a sucker for hard shell tacos, enchiladas and Nachos SUPREME!). For my fast food guilt pleasure, it's KFC all the way, and SUBWAY cookies!!!
* To burn it off, I play tennis, badminton, basketball, swimming and biking. If possible skiing and go-karting would be great too!
* I would also love to take up diving, golfing and rollerblading (Can't believe I don't being from Cali).
* You would never see me eat pickled fruit and coriander
* And you won't catch me bragging about my possessions.
* If I could, I'd wear blue jeans everyday... wait but I do already!
* I'm a night owl, and my favorite colors are blue and black.
* When I have time for TV, I like to watch David Letterman, repeats of Friends, South Park, Heroes, Will and Grace, Joey, Ghost Whisperer, and Laker Games. And here in Taiwan my favorite show continues to be Guess Guess Guess
* I love listening to R&B, Hip-Hop, Trance and a majority of Modern Rock.
* And my favorite singers are Elva =P, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Matchbox Twenty, Daughtry, Snoop Dogg, Hoobastank, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Linkin Park, Tiesto and Paul Van Dyke. Oh, did I mention ELVA!?!
* When I have free time, I like to cruise in my car, travel anywhere without an itinerary, surf online, hang with my friends at a nice lounge and simply music mixing.
* My ultimate guilty pleasure is eating a whole bag of PLAIN flavored potato chips or potato skins. (I don't understand all these FUNKY flavors in Taiwan)
* If I could, I'd spend most of my time hanging out at the porch of a beach house, or the Lalu at Sun Moon Lake.
* I spend the most money on clothes, drinks with friends and travel
* And the least on food and cell phones!
* I consider sharing moments with people you care about, and having or finding passion for everything you do, the most important things in life.

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