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Stevie G
  • Date joined ICRT: My official show started in Jan. 2006
  • Date of Birth: September 14th
  • Favorite quote: "Being smart is easy, but wisdom comes with reflection and experience. Wisdom is not what you know, but how you use it!
  • Ideals with ICRT: I really enjoy being able to play great music for all of the music lovers around Taiwan, and I like the bright orange on our logo too!
  • Theme of your program: My show is all about making you want to turn up your stereo and move your body to the beat!
  • Special interest/expertise: I love music! I spend most of my free time looking for and mixing music. When I am not doing that, I like to cook, hang out with friends, go to clubs, write and do one or more of the thousand things that interest me. (Please don't ask me to list ALL of them!)
  • Taiwanese food that you like/dislike most: I like most Taiwanese food, but stinky tofu doesn't like me! I very much dislike eating dog meat. I got tricked into eating dog meat once…I almost threw up when I found out what it was…and then I barked at the neighbors and chased scooters for a couple of days. It was not a pleasant experience.
  • Your message to the 21st century: We can all learn to be a little more considerate to each other! Consideration to others shows respect and class.
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