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Tito Gray

* My given name is Gray Gleason. AKA Tito Gray **I’m Shanti Gleason :D
* And I was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. . . and I was born in Taipei!
* I graduated with a degree in Communications from Trinity College and University  **I’m still in school!
* I joined ICRT in 1992 as the Creative Director, and I also host AsiaNation, from 6 to 10am every Sunday. **I began co-hosting in 2013 - age 10
* I speak English and Spanish, and a smattering of Mandarin and Filipino.
* I like to eat pasta, and my favorite fruit is probably mango.
** I like Ramen noodles, tea eggs, and dan bing
** I speak English and Tagalog
** I am also Vegetarian (NOT vegan!)
* I'm Vegetarian, so you would never see me eat animal flesh and bitter melon (which I don't like).
* You won't ever catch me with "Hello Kitty."
* If I could, I'd wear a sarong every day.
* And my favorite colors are royal blue, emerald green and purple.
* When I have time for TV, I like to watch the Discovery Channel and  “Fixer Upper” I love listening to spiritual and new age music, and I also enjoy songs by Barry White, George Harrison, Pabs Dadivas, and Atmasphera.
** I could listen to Pentatonix - and the Hamilton soundtrack all day long!
* When I have free time, I like to collect stones and crystals, read and watch movies.
** Me too! I also spend time watching Netflix - I love Stranger Things and Timeless… and Riverdale…
* My ultimate guilty pleasures are so guilty, I can't even mention them here!
* If I could, I'd spend most of my time hanging out in a temple or by a river.
* I spend the most money on traveling, and my beautiful wife, and lovely daughter
* And the least on meat – remember, I'm a vegetarian!
* I consider cultivating spiritual love to be the most important thing in life.

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