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ICRT Daily News App Available Now!
Posted on 2018-02-14 09:36:39

Speak English like a pro, with ICRT

The “ICRT Daily News App”, now available in two flavors — for Android and iPhone!

Need a little help with your English?  Want to learn with ICRT News anchors how to speak proper English, and talk about recent developments like a native speaker?  Then download the ICRT Daily News app today! 

Everyday, we’ll send you news from ICRT, complete with text and audio, plus explanations in Chinese.  You ca listen to the ICRT anchors as you read along, review the Chinese translation, or record your voice and compare your progress with the ICRT anchors (currently latter feature available on iOS only). 

This app is free, and includes daily content to whey your appetite.  For more content, just sign up for a subscription, at a price you can’t refuse.  Then, you’ll receive several minutes of daily content to help you build your English vocabulary, improve listening comprehension and perfect your pronunciation. 

Don’t delay, download it now for free!!!!

Q:  I have questions about the ICRT Daily News App. How do I contact customer support?
A:  You can contact our news app developer the following ways:
  1.   Customer Service email:

  2.   Customer Service message board:  (iOS & Android OS)

  3.   Customer Service phone no.:
    02-77210772 ext. 510 (hours are 9:00-17:30)


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