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Taiwan News

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Presidential Election Date
1.5 Tonnes of Drugs Seized at Kaohsiung Harbor
Taiwan, US plan new talks this year
Tsai: Gov't Careful in Decision to Buy F-16V's
Transport Minister Thanks MOI for Puyuma Crash Aid
Xinhua Criticizes Tsai's Cross-Strait Policy
MAC Minister Encourages Regular Cross-Strait Trade Relations
MOFA AIT: Set Up Indo-Pac. Democratic Administration Consulting Mechanism
IGPASC: Women's League Should Return $38.5B to State
Record Drug Bust in Kaohsiung Harbor
EVA Named in Cleanest Airlines Ranking
Taipei Woman's Body Discovered in Apartment
Hon Hai's Wisconsin plant scheduled to start production in Q4 2020
Taiwan Shares
Magnitude 4.7 earthquake rocks eastern Taiwan
Tsai Seeking Re-Election: National Policy is Priority
DPP Legislators Have Conflicting Opinions on Lai Candidacy
EPA Reporting Poor Air Quality Across Taiwan
Wang Jin-pyng Dismisses Taiwan-Hong Kong-Tibet Analogy
TAA Sends Letter to AIT Calling out Ko
Lu: Taichung Coal Plant Shut Before Nuke Plant #4
CPBL Wrap (Noon)
Lai to Meet with Lee Teng-hui
Ko Touts Taipei Sustainable Development in New York
EPA Reporting Poor Air Quality in West
Tai-Ex opening
Lai Registers for DPP Presidential Primary
Lai Leading Brain Trust Poll
Tsai Touts Taiwan's Determination Not to Accept China's 'One Country, Two
Government Opts to Keep Electricity Rates Unchanged
British Office Calls for End to Death Penalty
Prosecutors Detain Man for Throwing Wife Off Stairwell at Airport
Number of Furloughed Workers Down
Taiwan Criticized for Dealth Penalty
MOE: Enough Teachers for Science and Technology
Penghu Krill Mass Dieoff Ruled Seasonal
NDC vs. 15 Cities and Counties
EPA Draft Bill Amends Air Pollution Fines
More Women Purchasing Taipei New Taipei Real Estate
Premier Lai: I Hope to Run Against Han
Coast Guard Escorts Filipino Detainee Back to Taiwan
Ko Vows No Debt for Taipei; Next to Bankrupt is Changhua
Internet Celebrity Fined for Violating Pharma Affairs Act
Taichung Mayor Calls for Central Gov Backing on Air Pollution
Taiwan Shares Up 73 Points to 10,513
Reactions to William Lai's Joining Presidential Primary
Husband Allegedly Threw Wife Down from 4th Floor
Furloughed Workers on Decline
NCC Head Vows to Step-Up Fake News Measures
First Kaohsiung Full Moon Party
Local Sports Wrap (Noon)
CGA Vessel to Return to Kaohsiung with Filipino Suspect
US Academic Touts Washington's Acceptance of Ko 2020 Run
Tai-Ex opening
Lai to Register for DPP 2020 Primary
Government Requests Correction of Entertainers' References
Su Slams NCC Over Handling of 'Fake News'
Ko Describes US Visit as 'Journey of Learning'
CPC Hikes Fuel Prices
EBC Could File Lawsuit Over Assault on Reporter
Tsai Attends High School Basketball League Finals in Taipei
Exhibition featuring Banksy's 'Girl With Balloon' opens in Taipei
Results of lawmaker by-elections expected around 8 p.m.
Taipei mayor rebuts Taiwanese group's 'pro-China' accusations
Magnitude 4.5 earthquake shakes eastern Taiwan
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