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Taipei mayor meets Tokyo Olympics officials
Physician warns of dangers of ubiquitous plasticizers
Supporters of Iraqi Shiite cleric hold sit-ins against war
Taiwan changing name of de-facto embassy in US
Fire in tutoring center kills 19 students in western India
"Low force" blast in French city injures 7; cause is unclear
Climate activists call for action in Latin America
Argentines say they want justice after police car chase leaves 4 dead
India's ruling party takes 303 of 542 seats in election win
U.S. national security adviser John Bolton says N. Korea missile tests
526 gay couples register for marriage on first day of legalization
EVA Air, union negotiations stall due to lack of trust
Afghan police official says blast at Kabul mosque kills 2
Mexican Navy helicopter with 5 aboard crashes near fires
An American and another climber from Ireland die on Mount Everest
Wan-An Drill
DGBAS Revises Q1 Growth Down
Ma Heading to Singapore
May To Step Down as PM
North Korea: No US Talks Until Disarmament Demands Cease
Kashmir Militant Leader Killed
363 gay couples register for marriage within six hours
Lawmakers Raise Fines for Food Safety Fake News
Gov't Reducing Taxes on Energy-Saving Appliances
As EU Votes, Belgians Hope to End National Stalemate
India's Modi Facing Urgent Economic Challenges After Win
Trump's Japan Visit to Focus on Personal Ties, Not Substance
Asian Shares Moderately Higher in Friday Trading
Countries Congratulate Taiwan for Legalizing Gay Marriage
Ban on Leaving the Country Legalized
Discount Summer HSR Tickets for University Students
India Modi Meets with Cabinet
US Trump Orders Intel to COoperate with Spying Probe
Control Yuan Reprimanded MOFA for Su Qicheng's Case
Work Begins on Indigenous Warships
Police Bust Massive Ketamine Operation
US Official Urges Pacific Nations to Keep Ties with Taiwan
NPP Proposes Rules Against Civil Servant Drunk Driving
Taiwan Shares Up 20 Points to 10,328
Over a Hundred Same Sex Couples Register Marriages
Anti-LGBT Group Says Will Form Party
William Lai Want Public Polls to Follow Original Format
Gay Couples Rush to Officially Register Marriages
Taipei Mayor on Importing Japanese Food from Nuclear-Disaster Areas
CPBL Wrap (Noon)
India Elections See Modi Victory
Netherlands Calls for UN Tribunal for IS Crimes
Botswana Lifts Elephant Hunting Ban
Brazil Outlaws Homophobia and Transphobia
Constitutional Court's Sessions on National Pension Reforms
New Southbound Policy Showing Strong Results
New Apple Store
Huawei Could Be Included in U-S China Trade Deal
Leader of Al Qaeda Group Killed in Kashmir
Deal Close in Weinstein Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits
Government Revises Marriage Certificate
Returning Taiwanese Firms Pledge 310-billion N-T in Investment
Wu Dismisses Reports Solomon Islands Seeking to Sever Ties with Taiwan
Disputes over DPP Primary Continuing
Pentagon Plans to send 10K More Troops to Middle East
Chen Quiet at Book Signing
Kaohsiung Ready for Same-sex Marriage Registrations
MOHW: WHA Unofficial Talks Increase
Man Sentenced to 6 Months of Imprisonment
China Seeking Support from Allies Against US Tariffs
Protests in Indonesia Subside
Fallout from Far Eastern Air Transport
European Parliament Elections
US Judge Refuses to Block Trump Bank Subpoenas
ExNissan Boss Ghosn Appears for Hearing
US Warships Sail Through Taiwan Strait
MOFA: Solomon Islands Switch 'Fake News'
COA: Pork Supplies Stable for Dragonboat Festival
HSR Adds Dragonboat Trains
Taiwan Shares
Russia Accuses US
ARM Supply Halt Deals Fresh Blow to Huawei
MND Confirms US Ships Sail Through Taiwan Strait
Taiwan WHO Bill Advances in US Senate
Ko Heads to Japan for Talks on Energy and Asian Games
Survey on Taiwan's Scooter Riders
CPBL Wrap (Noon)
India Election Vote Counting Begins
Somalia Car Bomb Kills 9
France Taking in Yazidi Group
Canada to Remove Its Trash in Philippines
New US Anti-slavery Activist Dollar Bill Delayed
Cooperation Suspended with Huawei; TSMC Market Value Falls
Suicide Car Bomb Kills at least 9 in Somalia's capital
6 Brazilian Tourists Die of Carbon Monoxide in Chile
Canada to Remove Trash from Philippines by End of June
India's Election Results Due Today
Senior Member of May's Cabinet Quits Over Brexit.
UN Demands Britain End Rule of Chagos Islands in 6 Months
Tokyo Urges Traditional Order for Japanese Names
FIFA to Keep 2022 World Cup at 32 Teams
Former TRA Head Faces Removal from Current Post
MOHW Signs Emergency Response and Rescue MOU with Swiss Hospital
Dongsha Island Not Ready for Tourism
No Decision on DPP Primary
Matsu Nangan Airport to be Renovated
Ding Tai Feng to Pay 130-thousand NT in Compensation
May Pressured to Scrap Brexit Vote
Palestine Opens First Solar Plant
MOE on College Entrance Exam
Taipei Councilors Want to Reinstate Funds for Elderly
Lawmakers Strengthening Coast Guard Regulations
Lawmaker Says Iran Doesn't Want Direct or Proxy War with US
India's Election Commission Rejects Ballot Tampering Claims
Asian Shares Mostly Higher in Wednesday Trading
Anti Climate Change March on Friday
MOI: Dongsha Tourism in 2-3 Years
Freeway #1 To Be Partially Closed for Military Drills
Japan Carriers Delay Sale of New Huawei Smartphones
Rejecting Taboos, Palestinian Businessman Welcomes US Plan
Tai-Ex opening
US vs. Iran
President Tsai Believes in "Democractic System" of DPP Primary
MOI: Past 10 Years 4.7 Typhoons on Average Hit Taiwan
HSR Connections Suspended During Wan-an Drills
Taiwan Shares Lose 7 Points to 10,457
Air China Asks Boeing Compensation for MAX 8 Delays
Free Health Screenings in Hsinchu
AWOL Officer and Drugs
Hualien Earthquake at 10:49am
North Korea Calls Biden 'Fool of Low IQ' Over Kim Criticism
Police Trace Chiang Wan-an Death Threat to China
More Sea Turtle Deaths and Injuries Being Reported
CPBL Wrap (Noon)
Russia Claims Militants in Syria Have Toxic Agents
Protesters Clash with Indonesian Police After Election Loss
Duterte's Allies Dominate Senate Race
North Korea Call for US to Consider Consequences of Ship Seizure
Israel Expands Gaza Fishing Zone
Washington is 1st State to Allow Composting of Human Bodies
Artist Creates Eye-Catching Inflatable "Tank Man" Work
Earthquake Rattles East Coast
Health Minister Meets US Counterpart in Geneva
Lai Calls for DPP to Adhere to its
Protesters Clash with Police in Indonesia
Duterte's Allies Dominate Philippine Senate Race
UN Envoy Warns Libya
Oman Author Wins Booker International Prize
Ko to Decide on Presidential Run in August
Control Yuan Passes Corrective Measure on FTC-Qualcomm Settlement
Taiwan Civil Government Head Faces Additional Charges
MOFA Warns Traveler of New South Korean ASF Fine
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