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DNA Discovered in Tainan Shooting Investigation
Posted on 2024-07-11 08:16:14
The head of the Tainan City Police Department's Criminal Investigation Corps
says D-N-A evidence has been found as part of its ongoing investigation into
the murder of Tainan City Fisherman's Association Chairman, Lin Shi-jie.

According to Zhang Wen-yuan, police could now be close to identifying the
gunman who shot Lin multiple times outside his home in the city's South
District early Monday morning.

The police commander says the D-N-A samples were collected from two vehicles
believed to have been used by the suspect, and a motel room that he stayed in
the night prior to the shooting.

Police found the two vehicles hours after the shooting.

One was located close to the victim's home, while the other was found in
Kaohsiung's Da-Shu District.

Reports have said the suspect tried to burn of the cars and poured acid into
the second in an attempt to destroy evidence.

Police say the suspect is believed to have dumped the second car in Kaohsiung
before driving south, likely to Pingtung, on a scooter.

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