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Lai: DPP Can Maintain Taiwan Soverignty Without Endorsing "Fiction of
Posted on 2023-11-21 14:15:13

DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te says the DPP will uphold Taiwan
sovereignty without endorsing the "fiction of reunification".

In a profile published in TIME Magazine, Lai contends that his party will
continue to safeguard the island's sovereignty, while suggesting that the
opposition KMT may not do the same.

Lai also stressed that Taiwan should continue to develope international trade
ties to ensure that it remains an indispensable member of the global economy
in order to strengthen overall security.

The candidate says "more and more young people today are supportive of
independence", which Lai says means "steadfast support" for Taiwan's way of
life, "including democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights".


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