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Hou Yu-ih Approved at KMT's 2024 Candidate at Party Congress
Posted on 2023-07-24 06:49:13
The K-M-T has formally approved New Taipei Mayor Hou Yu-ih as its 2024
presidential nominee at a the party's National Congress, which was held at
the Banqiao Gymnasium.

Speaking following his nomination, Hou framed the election as a "pivotal"
moment of decision between regression and progress, war and peace in the
Taiwan Strait, and the improvement or deterioration of people's living

Hou warned that under the Tsai administration Taiwan has come to be known
internationally as "the most dangerous place on earth," but under his
leadership, the government will focus efforts on preventing war and pursuing

Hou said that if elected president, his top priorities will be to strengthen
Taiwan's democratic system and military preparedness, while also enhancing
cross-strait exchanges and reducing the risk of conflict with Beijing.

K-M-T Chairman Eric Chu says the party is now hoping to not only unite the
"blue" camp ahead of January's election, but also create a governing
coalition among all of Taiwan's opposition parties.

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