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Taiwan Navy forms unit to take delivery of domestic submarine: Source
Posted on 2023-07-13 07:43:13
Taiwan's Navy has recently formed an ad hoc unit, as it prepares to take
delivery of the country's first domestically-built submarine.

The team was formed earlier this month under the Navy's 256th Submarine
Squadron, adding that this is the first time in 37 years that such a unit has
been put together to take delivery of a new submarine.

The launch ceremony, however, is set to just be ceremonial, with CSBC and the
Navy due to conduct a series of tests on the prototype before it will be
possible for it to be delivered to the Navy, he said to CNA during an
interview in May.

Overall, Taiwan has allocated a $49.36 billion NT budget over seven years to
build the prototype, as part of its plan to launch an indigenous submarine
building program, in order to make it less dependent on other countries.

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