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KMT Lawmaker Ordered to pay NT$80,000 in Sexual Harassment Ruling
Posted on 2023-06-07 06:56:13
The High Court has upheld a ruling ordering K-M-T lawmaker Chen Xue-sheng to
pay 80,000 N-T in compensation for sexually harassing a female lawmaker
during a scuffle in the legislative chamber in 2020.

The ruling cannot be appealed.

But even as she wont the lawsuit, D-P-P lawmaker Fan Yun told reporters that
that "she remains unhappy" - as people are continuing to post comments online
claiming her allegation were a political move.

Fan says such comments are proof of the predicaments that sexual harassment
victims face if they come forward.

Fan brought a civil suit against Chen after accusing him sexually harassing
her by pressing his belly against her back multiple times during a tussle in
the legislative chamber in July of 2020.

Fan's lawyers had been demanding 500,000 N-T in compensation for emotional

The district court ruled in favor of Fan in December of 2021 and ordered Chen
pay her 80,000 N-T in compensation.

Chen then appealed the case to the High Court.

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