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KMT announces New Taipei Mayor as presidential nominee
Posted on 2023-05-17 15:08:13
The KMT has announced New Taipei Mayor Hou Yo-yi as the presidential nominee
as expected.

KMT chair Eric Chu, standing hand-in-hand with Hou and other mayors and
magistrates at the party headquarters, says based on poll numbers and
opinions from other KMT politicians, he nominates Hou for the 2024 general

The announcement received loud applause from those attending the KMT's
Central Standing Committee, and Hou accepted it with a big smile.

Hou says in difficult times like now when the nation is facing huge
challenges, the KMT has to do everything it can to replace the ruling DPP.

He also stresses that as he's made the decision to join the race, he aims to
win a victory in the January election to bring hope and peace to the people.

Terry Gou, Hou's biggest rival within the political party, already
congratulated him earlier today for his nomination.


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