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WMA Calls on WHO to End Taiwan's Exclusion
Posted on 2022-12-06 07:14:14
The secretary general of the World Medical Association is calling on the
World Health Organization to end its continued exclusion of Taiwan.

Speaking at the 2022 N-G-O Leaders Forum in Taipei, Otmar Kloiber said his
organization has long supported Taiwan's inclusion in the global health body
and for its participation in the World Health Assembly.

Kloiber says his support for and advocacy on Taiwan's behalf has resulted in
the W-H-O threatening to revoke the World Medical Association's membership in
the multilateral body.

Kloiber said W-M-A observers with Taiwanese passports have been routinely
denied entry to United Nations premises since 2017 and such "ridiculous"
actions hurt not just the W-M-A but also the W-H-O itself by forgoing the
benefits of experience, and help from Taiwan.

The W-M-A secretary general went in to say that his organization sees itself
as an "advocate for health care everywhere" and the meaningful participation
of knowledge is something he believes is "absolutely necessary to have
complete inclusion."

The World Medical Association is group made up of over 100 national medical

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