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TPP Hsinchu Mayoral Hopeful Denies Plagiarism Accusations
Posted on 2022-09-21 07:31:14
Taiwan People's Party lawmaker and Hsinchu City mayoral candidate, Ann Kao is
dismissing claims she "plagiarized her own work" at a partially
government-funded institution in producing her doctoral thesis.

The denial comes after Mirror Media reported Tuesday that Kao "copied"
content, including graphs and figures, from research papers which she wrote
for the Institute for Information Industry in her doctoral thesis at the
University of Cincinnati.

Mirror Media said Kao did not list citations for her duplication of the

And it also accused her of having attended the university on a scholarship
issued by the Institute for Information Industry... but contravened a
provision that she must work for the institute for a set period of time after
her return.

Kao is describing the Mirror Media as "false" and has released a statement by
the University of Cincinnati - in which it states there had been no copyright
issues in her thesis, and that she had not committed plagiarism.

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