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Taichung Rules Yen Family Guest House Illegal
Posted on 2022-01-04 07:17:01
The National Property Administration of Taichung's Central District has ruled
that a guest house owned by the family of Yen Kuan-heng was built illegally
on national property.

The property administration says the guest house is located in the city's
Nantun District and occupies two plots of state owned land.

The statement comes amid allegations that the guest house was illegally
constructed and as Yen is facing a by-election this coming weekend in the
city's second electoral district.

Yen is representing the K-M-T in the ballot and the structure has become a
contentious issue.

The D-P-P's by-election candidate, Lin Ching-yi, is accusing Yen and his
family of working for their own benefit, and of ignoring the district's

The building was constructed in 2004.

Speaking to reporters, Yen's brother, Yen Ren-xian said the property will now
be demolished within two weeks.

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